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Find Quick Access to Our Core Materials

On this page you’ll find the following for you to download, print, and share with others:

Please note that all of the pages on the Health Equity Guide are printer-friendly so if you want to dive deeper into one particular case study or strategic practice, you can print from the page directly. We always welcome your feedback of what else might be helpful to have on this website.

Core Health Equity Guide Materials

Ways to Get Started

Download a set of actions that local health departments can take to advance health equity internally in their department, across government, and/or with community partners.

Download Ways to Get Started PDF

The Strategic Practices and Actions

Download all the Strategic Practices and Actions in one place, to help you in group discussions or to track progress.

Download Strategic Practices PDF

About the Health Equity Guide

Download an overview of the Health Equity Guide project and an explanation of why it is important to lead with race in health equity work.

Download About PDF

Webinars and Events Archive

Between November 2017 and February 2018, HIP hosted a 4-part webinar series with national experts and local health departments to discuss their work to advance health equity.  This series was co-sponsored by our colleagues at GARE, NACCHO and NCHE. Below are materials from the webinar series.

Championing Transformative Change to Advance Health Equity Webinar – February 15, 2018

Part 4 of our webinar series describes why championing transformative change  is key to advancing health equity and highlights:

Download Part 4 Slides


Fostering Community Partnerships to Advance Health Equity Webinar – January 9, 2018

Part 3 of our webinar series describes why fostering community partnerships to build power and community organizing is key to advancing health equity and highlights:

  • How Alameda County, CA engages in social justice movements to advance health and racial equity
  • How Kansas City, MO shares power and space with community organizers to change policy
  • How NACCHO is supporting building community alliances to advance equity

Download Part 3 Slides


Working Across Government to Advance Racial and Health Equity Webinar – December 12, 2017

Part 2 of our webinar series describes why working across government and being explicit about racism is key to advancing health equity and highlights:

  • How King County (Seattle) established shared goals for equity across county government agencies
  • How Madison/Dane County in Wisconsin is working with other government agencies to apply racial equity tools and analyses to city and county programs, plans, and policies
  • How GARE is helping health departments build government alliances and a shared understanding to advance racial equity

Download Part 2 Slides


Building Internal Infrastructure to Advance Health Equity Webinar – November 16, 2017

This webinar describes why building internal infrastructure and an inside/outside approach is key to advancing health equity; showcases Health Equity Guide resources, and highlights:

Download Part 1 Slides


Webinar Organized by County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
Building a Movement for Health Equity Webinar – January 23, 2018

This webinar profiled the Health Equity Guide (HEG) and County Health Rankings websites, discussed the HEG creation and its theory of change, and described Public Health Madison/Dane County’s work to use the HEG in their PHAB accreditation process and community partnerships to advance health equity.

Download CHHR Slides